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  • Trey Huffine

    Trey Huffine

    Founder of skilled.dev and gitconnected.com - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

  • SunJet Liu

    SunJet Liu

  • Alicia Javier

    Alicia Javier

    I'm a software engineering student at Flatiron and write about my experiences entering this new world.

  • Alex Reardon

    Alex Reardon

    JavaScript enthusiast

  • Brittani Élan Taylor

    Brittani Élan Taylor

  • Keviniturralde


  • Chloe Chang

    Chloe Chang

    Design enthusiast, software engineering student, trouble maker — in no particular order.

  • Elias Delgado

    Elias Delgado

    Writer | Flatiron School Student | Learning to Code..

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